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Daylight Drinking with: Judge Judy & White Beer

by Ryder

Daylight Drinking is a review of some crappy daytime TV and (hopefully) some very good beer. 

Today it's Judge Judy and Lakefront Brewery's   Seasonal, White Beer. Lakefront out of Milwaukee, Wisc is most famous for Fixed Gear American Red Ale. White Beer is an unfiltered wheat that claims to showcase coriander and orange flavors. Next case.

4:44 pm - Kevin is suing his roommate Shelly for unpaid utilities and rent. And White Beer is pretty mellow, the orange flavor is not overwhelming.

4:45 pm - Shelly says the house had BED BUGS! There's a tiny bite to this white beer which is nice.

4:50 pm - Shelly says she lived in the house for 4 days, when they found the bed bugs... Judge Judy totally thinks this is a legit reason to break the lease. No good for Kevin. AND Kevin's girlfriend just said the bed bug issue was really gross. Plus Kevin's girlfriend pretty much just called Shelly a slut. 

4:52 pm - I'm digging this White Beer, it's not has heavy as most Wheats which is awesome because it's 90 degrees out.

4:55 - Kevin thinks he's got an air tight contract... but Judge Judy shoved it back in his FACE! Bed bugs are a good reason to break a lease. 

4:57 - Shelly SHAVED HER HEAD because of the bed bugs! And White Beer need to go on your summer "to drink" list, especially if you think you don't like craft beer. 

4:58 - "I'm so glad I got to show people you don't need to have hair to be happy" says Shelly as she pulls off her wig. Shelly is a little crazy but cheers to that.