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REVIEW: Conniption Fit Double IPA

by Jay Morris

I continue my quest to find the best IPA in the USA, with Conniption Fit Double IPA  from Atwater Brewery in Detroit.  Atwater was founded in 1997, and according to their website their purpose was to carry on the rich history of breweries in Detroit. 

I must admit I have a major beer crush on their Vanilla Java Porter , so I was excited to see Conniption fit in a store over the weekend. 

Conniption Fit Double IPA (ABV 8.0% and IBU 92) is a double imperial IPA and is part of their single batch series. Out of the bottle It pours a cloudy yellow, and not much of a head, with some lacing. Now as a consistent IPA drinker I see a double IPA and expect almost overpowering hops. Conniption Fit is the first double IPA I have tried that is not like that. It does have a good hops taste, some citrus, and a bit malt.

I'll call Conniption Fit Double IPA an overall good beer with a . It is a good Double IPA for those who like, but don't love hops. As a hops lover this beer may leave you a bit surprised, or even mildly disappointed.