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VIDEO: Western ND Tap Water Oiled Up

by JT

Do the benefits of ND oil production outweigh the environmental impact? Check out this weird/scary/sad video...

There are studies that have revealed that oil fracking can lead to water contamination. According to ProRepublic.org

There is a clear correlation between drilling activity and the seepage of gas contaminants underground, a danger in itself and evidence that pathways do exist for contaminants to migrate deep within the earth.

Methane contamination of drinking water wells has been a common complaint among people living in gas drilling areas across the country. A 2009 investigation by ProPublica revealed that methane contamination from drilling was widespread, including in Colorado, Ohio and PennsylvaniaIn several cases, homes blew up after gas seeped into their basements or water supplies. In Pennsylvania a 2004 accident killed three people, including a baby. 

So what do you think? Are the negative environmental and health effects associated with the ND Oil Boom worth it?