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The 5 Things He Does That Will Ruin Your Relationship

by JT

I've seen this quote going around social media lately, "The scary thing about a new relationship is that the final result is you'll either break up or get married". Nobody likes to breakup and if my past relationships have taught me something...usually it was my fault that they didn't work out. Here's my list of things YOUR man should avoid that will ruin YOUR relationship (and yes, I'm guilty of all of these at least once).

The 5 Things HE Does That Will Ruin Your Relationship

  • He Doesn't Trust You
    • Trust is the key to any relationship and as soon as that's gone, even just a little bit the relationship is doomed to fail. If your man is constantly asking who's texting, how you know "that guy" etc. what he's really saying is he's insecure, worried and doesn't want to lose you...but those types of questions can be draining and you'll soon not want to deal with it & him
  • He's Smothering You
    • I love Ice Cream, I think I would like to eat it for every meal, but I know if I do I'll lose my taste for it - the same should apply for your relationship. Sometimes guys just can't handle the fact that you're independent and you don't NEED him for everything. At first it might be cute that he wants to tag along with you to this and that, but when he starts assuming he's coming to Girls Night you're in trouble. Don't let him hold you back by smothering you.
  • He's Not Friends With Your Friends
    • There's an actual study that suggests that your relationship is substantially stronger if you and your significant other share mutual friends. I'm not saying you should start dating exclusively within your friend group (that can get awkward), but he should make an effort to become friends with your friends. If he doesn't he's distancing himself from your main support group and that can never be good.
  • He Doesn't Listen
    • Ok, I'll admit this is my biggest problem. I love to talk about all the things I'm doing in my life, but when it comes to relationships I'm a terrible listeners. Sure, us guys hear the words, but are we really listening? No man is going to be interested in everything you say, but if he isn't trying to understand the 'why' part of what you're telling him it's just never going to work out. Try talking to a brick wall - you'll get bored pretty quickly. ;)
  • He Isn't Thinking About Your Future
    • If he's living in the moment 24/7 365...he's just not ready for a relationship and you're wasting your time. He doesn't necessarily need to open a savings account to start putting money away for a ring (although I'm sure there have been a few guys you wish would), but if he's really ready for a serious relationship he'll have a mind shift and start focusing on your relationship and not so much how drunk he's going to get on Friday night with his buddies. Besides a glass of wine and snuggling on the couch leads to so many better things anyway. ;)
So there's my list. I've fallen victim to each and every one of them (sorry, ex-girlfriends) - I'm sure you've dated guys that have done A LOT of these same things or even other things. Add to the list in the comments below.