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That's 3 In A Row & Will I Get Home!

by JT

How crazy was THAT???? A Bison THREE-PEAT and an undefeated season!!!! Today was crazy, from meeting Towson fans that paid just $50 to take a 23 hour bus ride from Maryland which included a ticket to the game to the mad rush of Bison fans that stormed the feel and nearly trampled me to death (well worth it btw).

I've honestly never seen so many grown men cry, but I gotta tell you if I was a Bison player today I would probably be balling my eyes out too! "Bison fans are the greatest" I heard over and over today and that's so true. Over 15,000 packed into a stadium in Dallas, TX - how far away is that from Fargo, ND? Over 1k miles!!! Way to go, if you're a Bison fan whether you made the trek or supported from home you need to give yourself a pat on the back for making the NDSU Football program AMAZING! Look for our videos and some of the pictures below and more coming soon as we take the long (happy) drive back to Fargo!!!

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