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Is the HUVr board real or an early April Fools Day Prank???

by JT

The internet is abuzz with a video from purported hoverboard maker, HUVr! The video features a teary-eyed Back to The Future alum, Christopher Lloyd showing off the new technology supposedly powered by iPhone & Android app to celebs like Moby, Terrell Owens & Tony Hawk. Check out the video below and then we'll give you several reasons why we think this is soooo totally fake even though we want it to be soooo totally real!

  • Discovery.com just last year determined that a hoverboard sorta already exists, but not really:

"A hoverboard would have to be able to float over ordinary ground, riding on an air cushion, in the fashion of marine and amphibious hovercraft. There already is a single-rider air hovercraft called the Airboard on the market, which is available from various Web retailers for around $15,000."
  • This hoverboard inventor never actually introduced himself...that's fishy!

  • Is it just us or does it look like they're being held up by ropes - we're thinking greenscreen!

  • This guy doesn't actually touch the ground to gain momentum...that doesn't make sense!

So what's the story here? Is there going to be a new Back to The Future movie? That would be awesome! Like super awesome! Please tell us that might be true!!!!