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Has a West Fargo Girl "Made-It" on 'American Idol'?

by JT

The Fargo Forum is reporting that Andrina Brogden,  a "2013 graduate of West Fargo High School has made it to the semifinals on American Idol." Here are my top 4 reasons I think they're right.

  • AmericanIdolNet.com Says So
    • The popular American Idol spoiler site claims she is among the top 31 to make it to the live auditions.
  • This Cryptic Tweet She Sent
  • Her Friends are Congratulating Her
  • She Denied My Facebook Friend Request
    • In a flashback to high school I was totally rejected this afternoon. To say it hurt might be an understatement.

Whether she makes it or not I think most of us are all fans of a local girl "making it". You can catch the new season of American Idol this Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm on FOX. Andrina's episode should be aired Jan. 30th during the Omaha auditions.

Here's a bonus Andrina highlight video to make you chuckle.