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Girls Be Crazy - I Need HELP!

by JT

Hmm, where should I begin...so there's this girl. No, she's not just any girl - she's crazy! Let's start a couple weeks ago when I first met this girl, she seemed nice. We got along well, I even introduced her to some of my friends. The problem really started when after 3 "lunches" she told me a psychic had predicted that I would be the "one"...my friends said she was crazy with a capital C - I thought maybe she was just being kinda silly...

But then sh#*t got really weird. I got busy with work, I wasn't able to see her as much (for real, not one of those lame guy excuses) - she started blowing up my phone, like all the time! I would be in meetings, in the bathroom, even trying to sleep and my phone would be buzzin' nonstop. I tried to tell her, "Hey, I've got a lot going on right now, just be patient..." but that didn't help.

One day she texted me and told me she just found out her grandmother had cancer and needed someone to talk to. I felt bad, so I agreed. I'm pretty sure she just wanted to see me - that's crazy in itself because lets be for real, it's me. A few days later she told me that she was at the hospital because she had a seizure and needed a ride. I was working (for real) and told her I couldn't pick her up. Later that day, she told me she passed out in her shower and really needed somebody to talk to. Ok, I started thinking either this girl has some seriously bad luck or my friends were right, she be crazy; yes, with a capital C.

I debated in my head for a day or two what to do...and maybe I just give people too much credit because I decided she just needed a friend. But as soon as I decided that, she told me she was coughing up blood and that when she went to the hospital they found out that she (like her dying grandmother) had cancer! She again, needed someone to talk to. Ok, at this point I know she's crazy...but I'm in too deep. She won't leave me alone! Several days go by and I don't talk to her...she then texts me, "This is goodbye, I'm moving back to Illinois to be with my family - my cancer has spread and I only have a few months to live. I haven't told my family, but they'll find out when I lose my hair..." I told her I was really sorry and good luck.

Days went by, I thought I was in the clear, but I wasn't. You see what has happened is when I don't text her back she just continues to text me...like the other day when she locked her keys in her house and said she would have to sleep in her car until a locksmith could come in the morning, and there are so many more that I'm forgetting it's ridiculous! I don't know what to do!!! How do I make this crazy with a capital C girl leave me alone! I think she might be insane, which is I why I triple check if all my doors are locked before I go to bed (seriously)!!!

My friends all say, "told you so" - but I need your help! Please comment below with suggestions.